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Published: Aug 3, 2021

The Study of Comparative Literature as A Science

1-4 Toshmatova N.
Read Statistic: 2

Use of Interdisciplinary Integration in Learning the Genre Tuyuk

5-9 Abdullaev Komilzhon Abduganievich
Read Statistic: 10

The Artifacts which are Being Preserved in the Research Section of Termiz Archeological Museum and its Study

10-12 Umid Khudoyberdiyev
Read Statistic: 7

Effective Strategies for Developing Reading Comprehension

13-14 Shirinqulova Sitora Muzaffar qizi
Read Statistic: 5

Takhrij and Syarah Hadith of Chemistry: The Power of Iron Compounds Believed Since the Prophet's Time

15-18 Sherenia Maulitta, Ali Masrur
Read Statistic: 22

Takhrij Dan Syarah Hadith of Chemistry: Use of Formaldehyde in the Preservation of Corpse

19-23 Reynaldi Purwantara Firdaus, Reza Pahlevi Dalimunthe
Read Statistic: 26

Takhrij and Syarah Hadith of Chemistry: Nabidz and Chemical Kinetics

24-27 Deti Permata Sari, Siti Chodijah
Read Statistic: 17

Takhrij and Syarah Hadith of Chemistry: The Dangers of the Operation Plastick and Tattoo Ink in Islam and Science

28-32 Fitria Listi Novianti, Badruzzaman M. Yunus
Read Statistic: 28

Takhrij and Syarah Hadith of Chemistry: The Prohibition of Blowing Hot Food and Drink in the View of Islam and Science

33-37 Siti Hamidatul Khairah, Dadang Kahmad
Read Statistic: 27

Takhrij and Syarah Hadith of Chemical: Chemical Content of Olive Oil Which is Beneficial to Health

38-43 Diazka Jasmine Azhar, Rosihon Anwar
Read Statistic: 29

Takhrij and Syarah Hadith of Chemistry: Shallots in the Perspective of Science and Hadith of the Prophet SAW

44-47 Pachrizal Ramdani, M. Yusuf Wibisono
Read Statistic: 8

Supervision of Secondary School Education in Federal Capital Territory, Abuja: Problems and the Way Forward

48-53 Ogunode Niyi Jacob, Ugbome Nnamdi Richard
Read Statistic: 0

Pedagogical Conditions for the Development of Altruistic Virtues in Students Through the Subject "Education"

54-56 Yuvashov Sherzod Olmasovich
Read Statistic: 0

General Principles of Creating Electronic Dictionaries

57-60 Uzokova Mokhiyakhon
Read Statistic: 0

3D Modeling and Computer Graphics in Virtual Reality

61-66 O’rinov Nodirbek Toxirjonovich, Djuraboyev Maqsudbek Karimbek o‘g‘li
Read Statistic: 0

Socio-Economic Values in the Process of Spiritual Renewal and Development of Society

67-70 Ruzieva Rukhsora Khodievna
Read Statistic: 0