Published: Dec 1, 2018

Preaching and Tolerance Amongst Religion: An Analyses From Homiletic Perspective

1-9 Sarmauli, M.Th
Read Statistic: 78

Creative Techniques Of Teaching Literature At Secondary Schools

10-14 Mamedova Shahnoza, Sayfuddinova Shahnoza
Read Statistic: 85

An Analysis of Figurative Language Used By Adele And Taylor Swift’s Selected Song

15-21 Endi Prasetyo Rusdiyanto , Yuli Astutik
Read Statistic: 312

Innovation Of Arranged Input In Foreign Language Acquisition At Indonesian Pesantren

22-29 Muhammad Zuhri Fakhrudin, Vidya Mandarani
Read Statistic: 84

Snakes And Ladders Game For Enhancing Young Learners’ Vocabulary

30-34 Ahmad Naharuddin, Fika Megawati
Read Statistic: 64

The Role of Political Parties in Public-Political Activity of Jadids

35-39 Abdivohidov Sunatillo Abdinabievich
Read Statistic: 53

Amir Temur In Arabic Sources Of Comparative Philosophy Analysis

40-42 Urozov Shahobiddin Ziyadullayevich
Read Statistic: 57

An IoT Based Patient Health Monitoring System

43-48 Vishal Dineshkumar Soni
Read Statistic: 122

Artificial Cognition for Human-robot Interaction

49-53 Vishal Dineshkumar Soni
Read Statistic: 86

The emerging science of space exploration and development

55-57 Muthuraj. P
Read Statistic: 30

The concept of artificial intelligence in aerospace

58-61 Kaveriappa. T
Read Statistic: 38

Food Ordering Application Based on Android

62-66 Mr. N. A. Goden, Mr. Gaikwad S.T, Miss. Shiral S. G
Read Statistic: 31

Smartpoly Android Application

67-70 Prof. Chougule V. V, Mr. Birajdar Dattatraya P, Miss. Deshmukh Akanksha B, Mr. Choudhari Jalilahamad M
Read Statistic: 16

Smart Garbage Monitoring System

71-76 Mr. Pujari Y. M, Ms. Patil S. S
Read Statistic: 37

Women’s Safety Jacket

77-81 Ms. Aayesha M. Shaikh, Mr. Desai P. B
Read Statistic: 27


82-84 Mr. Bhawthankar A. A, Mr. Mane M. B, Mr. Phopale Y. A, Mr. Korshetti V. V
Read Statistic: 15

Purification of Solid Waste from drainage

85-87 More Rohit Mohan, Sunagar Sachin Laxman, Shabade Rachana Subash, Masuti S. B
Read Statistic: 18

Hospital Waste Disposal

88-93 Nimbalkar Girajaram Swamirao, Chavan Rdhul Tulashiram, Pedasangi Sachin Chandrakant, Mr. Ghatage S. A
Read Statistic: 32