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Published: Nov 1, 2021

Development Model of Improving the Role of Pregnant Women Husbands for Preventing Early Stunting in Regency Padang Pariaman in 2021

1-3 Erpita Yanti, Yessy Aprihatin, Uliy Iffah, Nurul hanifah

Results of the Study the Content of Amprolium in Meat, Eggs, Organs and Tissues in Chickens

4-8 Nasimov Shukhrat Naimovich

Principles of Organizing the Spiritual – Enlightenment Activities of Future Teachers

9-14 Rakhimov Asomiddin Anorboevich

The Solutional Problems of Socialistic

15-16 Azimov A

Conditions for the Emergence of Design

17-20 Yunusova Kamola Bakhodirovna

Distinctive Features of Modern Styles in Interior Design

21-24 Karimov E. B, Karimova D. E

The Formation and Development of Uzbek Folk Music

25-29 Mamarasulzoda A Zulhumor

Peculiar Features of Comedy Genre in Uzbek Literature (On the Example of Utkir Khashimov`S Works)

30-33 Lola Jalilovna Jalilova, Rajabov Akhtam Uktamovich

To Provide Higher Education Students with Basic Knowledge of Traditional Singing

34-37 Ahmedov Sharifjon Mamirdjanovich

Working on the Artistic Characteristics of Performance in the Teaching of Instruments and Ensemble for Students of Higher Education Music

38-41 Ashurov Marufjon Abdumutalibovich

To Provide Higher Education Students with an Understanding of the History and Place of the Advanced Afghan Rubab

42-45 Bakhtiyar Ergashbayev Mirzamaxmudovich

The Role of Kashgarrubabi Performance Practice in Teaching the Subject "Instrumental Performance and Ensemble" In Higher Education Institutions

46-50 Boychayeva Nazbuvi Avazovna

Innovations in the Teaching of Instrumental Performance and Ensemble Science in Higher Education and the Use of Advanced Foreign Experience

51-54 Hayotbek Bazarov Ne’matovich

Psycholinguistic Basis of the Formation of Early Artificial Bilingualism

55-58 Dehkanova Dilnoza Tashpulatovna

To Teach Musical Ornaments and Methods of Their Performance in Teaching "Instrumental Performance and Ensemble Science" to Students of Higher Education Music

59-63 Qobiljon Toshtemirov Qubbijonovich

The Role of Islam and Muslim Clergy in Economical Life of Central Asian Khanates

64-68 Gulchekhra Agzamova

Mirza Bukhari: The Journey from Entrepreneurship to Collecting

69-73 Jannat Ismailova

Administration of Chemistry Programme in Nigerian Higher Institutions: Problems and way Forward

74-84 Izunna Somadina Okwelogu, Oladokun Benjamen Niran, Ogunode Niyi Jacob

Performance of Traditional Ansamble

85-87 Rakhimov Sayfudin Shokirjonovich

Teacher-Student Traditions in Music and Art Schools

88-92 Rakhimov Sayfudin Shokirjonovich

An Assessment of Arms Proliferation and Control Mechanisms in Nigeria, 2010-2020

93-103 Eyina, Nkatomba Nkatomba, Kabari, John Baribor, Ph.D

Application of Project Based Learning in Teaching Foreign Languages

104-109 Begizova Madina

Representation of Category of Intertextuality in a Scientific Text

110-113 Dalieva Madina Khabibullaevna

Features of the Presentation of Grammatical Material by Using Problem-Based Technology

114-117 Kadirova Miyassar Artekovna

Representation of the Categories of Interdiscursivity and Intertextuality in a Scientific Text

118-121 Valiyeva Nargizakhon Zamir qizi, Dalieva Madina Khabibullaevna

Formation of Organizational Capacity among Students

122-124 Jakhona Karimova O‘ktamjon Qizi

Satire Horatian-Based Literature Learning in Higher Education

125-134 M. Firdaus, Syahrul, R, Agustina, Harris Effendi Thahar

Development of the Social-Media Assisted Listening 'Think-Pair-Share' Learning Model During a Pandemic

135-138 Syofianis Ismail

The Role of Pirls Research in the Formation of Library Culture in Students

139-141 Rabbonayeva Dildora Tolipovna

Characteristics of Teaching Theoretical Foundations of Informatics in the System of Pedagogical Higher Education

142-145 Ilyasova Zuhra Kenesbaevna

Abdurahman Jami’s views on Humanity (Source Study)

146-149 Lola Muzaffarovna Karimova

Deployment of ICT for School Administration in Public Secondary Schools in North-Central Geo-Political Zone, Nigeria

150-161 Madu Christian Onyekachi, Yahaya Danjuma Mohammed

Teaching and Learning of English Language Programme in Public Primary Schools in Nigeria: Problems and Ways Forward

162-167 Audu Atete Catherine, Ominike Faith

Methods of Teaching Students Studying in the Field of Music Education in Higher Education How to Organize the Principles of Music Teaching in a Modern Way

168-175 Akmal Yuldashev Aliyevich

To Teach Higher Education Students How to use the Teacher-Student Relationship in Teaching the Younger Generation

176-179 Xojiyeva Zamiraxon Quchqarovna

Positive Impact of using Interactive Whiteboards in Education

180-182 Rafieva Bunafsha Rustamovna

The Book is a Noble Teacher

183-184 Porsieva Zamira Mukhtorovna, Ismoilova Markhabo Boisarovna

Improving the Role of Financial and Business Activity of Enterprises

185-187 Akhmedova A. T.

About Friends in the Style of ODE

188-196 Dilrabo Quvvatova, Uraeva Darmonoy Saidahmadovna, Sumaira Nawaz

Problems Facing Professionals Counselors in Public Secondary Schools in Nigeria and Way Forward

197-205 Amorha Ifeagachukwu, Bandekaji Chris Audu

Vocabulary of Tools in Navoi's Works

206-213 X. L. Maxammadiev

To the Question of the Origin of the Piano Sonata in Uzbekistan

214-217 Sidikova Aliya Maratovna

Influence of Sowing Dates and Nutritional Background on the Formation of the Yield of Winter Rye

218-223 Umarov R. A, Azizov B. M

The Changes in Employment of Labor Resources of Uzbekistan

224-228 Rahimjon Boltaboevich Kodirov

The Phenomenon of Synonymy in Communicative Phraseological Units

229-230 Ruzikulova Gulirukhsor Gofur kizi

To the Question of the Perfoming Fate of Piano Sonatas in Uzbekistan

231-234 Sidikova Aliya Maratovna

The Originality of the Representation of the Image of Nature in the Lyrics of Sergei Yesenin and Hamid Olimjon

235-243 Boltaeva Maxbuba Sharipovna

The Effect of the Non-Cognitive Factor Academic Persistence on Task as A Predictor of Students Academic Productivity in Universities in Cameroon

244-271 Neba Vernat Neh, Joseph Lah Lo-oh, Zinkeng Martina